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How many of you enjoy making decisions that will have a serious impact on you, your family, friends, or colleagues?
Making important decisions (or for that matter, any decision) can be difficult because the rules of decision making are so arbitrary. Yes, there are rules for making decisions!
Mr. Sproul tells of the difficulty in setting guidelines according to Stodgill’s Handbook of Leadership: A Survey of Theory and Research. Out of five thousand studies on executive decision making, they were not able to find one set of factors, traits, or processes that identified the qualities of effective leadership.
While business leadership is highly individualistic, a formula has been developed to guide the average person.
1. Take the challenge. Many of us decide not to make the decision!
2. Seek the answers.
3. Evaluate the alternatives. (Positive and negative aspects of each).
4. Make a commitment.
5. Stick with the…

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