Menominee Grace

A friend of mine recently posted something about Luke 4:26-30 being an early presentation of Calvinistic election, and I struggled to see how he deduced this. The only way anyone could see this as a calvinistic message would be to completely ignore the context as well as the Old Testament stories the Lord was referencing.

When Jesus spoke these words, he was responding to the disbelief of his hearers. He is not explaining to them why they weren’t “chosen” but that their refusal to chose Him was not unique.

In the Elijah story, from I Kings 17, the widow of Zeraphath was not elected to salvation, but to service. We can’t believe that no widows in Israel were under the grace of God, as in chapter 19 God informs Elijah there are 7000 Israelites who have remained faithful to him, and it seems impossible none of them were widows. God…

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